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Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer :)

This summer I'll

[ ]  get drunk
[x] party
[x] go to cottage
[x]  sit around the campfire
[x]  barbecue
[/]  swim a lot
[xx]  sunbathe
[x]  play beach ball
[x]  eat ice cream,
[xxxx] strawberries, c(:
[x]  blueberries,                               
[ ]  rhubarb
[x]  and sausages
[xxxx]  watch the starry sky
[x]  run on the field...
[x]  at night
[xxx]  shop
[x]  cycle
[xxx]  hang out with my friends ♥
[xxxx]  and enjoy the life!♥

Lve, Almira :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

so long

I could't respond to your comments and visit your blog because it's the end of school and I have a lot to learn.
For two weeks school is over and then there will be much more posts

Thank you for visiting my blog and leave comments.
Here's a sweet little outfit  :) the dress I got from cousin from Norway and It is very cute, Irma thank you for this.
Today was a beautiful day so I decided to spend it with my best friend.
Here's a picture